A Collection of Dope GIF Art

GIFs + art = magic

I’ve always been a fan of motion graphics. In fact, some argue that motion design is the future of graphic design.  Not only does it provide an extra dimension of interactivity between the viewer and the designer, it’s also the perfect medium for storytelling. Now combine that with the GIF (It’s pronounced ‘JIF’, don’t @ me.), and you’ve got the recipe for something fun. I’ve collected ten dope animated GIFs for you to be amazed and—if you’re an aspiring motion graphics designer, like me—inspired by.

Now behold and enjoy!


Meatlovers Pizza by Chris Phillips

Gif by James Curran

I smoke, then I exist by ZRO 30

Gif by Jon Marchione

Interns by Fraser Davidson

Corner Shop Animation by Kirill Kazachek, Valentin Kirilov and Motion Authors

Sweets For Friday by Mantas Gr

Tree of Seasons by Dennis Hoogstad

Going for a Spin by Latham Arnott

More Day by RADIO


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Author: Jermaine Dickerson

Jermaine is the co-creator of BLKBOARD, an entrepreneur and a superhero enthusiast with a passion for art, design and social activism. He hopes to change the world with the power of superheroics.