Art Appreciation Monday Tuesday: Takashi Murakami

“Japanese people accept that art and commerce will be blended; and, in fact, they are surprised by the rigid and pretentious Western hierarchy of ‘high art.'” – Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami was born in Tokyo Japan, 1962 in a household that placed high value in art. While he was primarily influenced by popular Japanese culture, Western society, particularly American, affected him as well. His father worked at an American naval base, and because of this, he found himself exposed to imported music and movies.

Murakami has cohesive work with homes in both capitalist culture and in art galleries, which he made possible through a style he pioneered called Superflat, a postmodern art movement inspired by manga and anime. With this bright, colorful, and relatively busy style driven by contemporary Japanese culture, he makes his mark on fashion, animation, music, and graphic design.

You can check out some of his work below.





Art Appreciation Monday is a bi-weekly series that celebrates the achievements of artists of the past and present.

Author: Mike Tré

Mike is the co-creator of BLKBOARD who’s a creative professional and writer with an interest in Superheroes, literature, gaming, politics, food, and anything else he can think of at the given moment.