The Future of BLKBOARD

Many of you decided to join us on our journeys as black artists and nerds with the creation of this platform, and for that, we are extremely grateful. BLKBOARD was created when the two of us wanted to build something impactful; a unique platform for marginalized artists and nerds. It began as a simple podcast,… Read More The Future of BLKBOARD

The Lemonade Show: Lemonade. BLKBOARD. and Luke Cage (Part 2)

On this latest epsiode, Steph is joined by Mike and Jermaine from the BLKBOARD podcast in part 2 of the Luke Cage podcast crossover. They discuss epsiodes 8-13 (SPOILERS).

The BLKBOARD Podcast: Ep. 20 – BLKBOARD. Lemonade. And Luke Cage (Part 1)

This week, we’re joined by the wonderful Stephanie Williams from the Lemonade podcast to discuss episodes 1-7 of Marvel’s latest outing: Luke Cage.

The BLKBOARD Podcast: Ep. 19 – The Postgame Meccacon Show (Feat. Aiesha Little)

We have returned! This week, we discuss our experience at Meccacon with our good friend and Steampunk Cosplayer, Aiesha Little. We also discuss Donald Glover’s Atlanta, Queen Sugar,The Birth of a Nation, and more!

Art Appreciation Monday: The Royalty of Kehinde Wiley

“I feel sometimes constrained by the expectation that the work should be solely political. I try to create a type of work that is at the service of my own set of criteria, which have to do with beauty and a type of utopia that in some ways speaks to the culture I’m located in.”… Read More Art Appreciation Monday: The Royalty of Kehinde Wiley