BLKBOARD Art Exclusive: Taking on Luke Cage (Part 1)

In Celebration of the release of Marvel’s Luke Cage series, we decided to make some art for it.

Harlem's Hero by Michael Tré

I elected to do a more conceptual and political piece, going beyond the simple idea of “fan art.”

One prevailing theme of the current sociopolitical climate is the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The shooting of Trayvon Martin sparked many discussions, including how hoodies are seen as inappropriate and “thug attire.” People used Trayvon’s wearing a hoodie as justification for his murder.

The creators behind Marvel’s Luke Cage series have been open about changing the bulletproof character’s costume from a yellow T-Shirt to a hoodie to invoke the familiar imagery of Trayvon Martin.

With this piece, I wanted to create an intense image that reflected the irrational fear some people hold in regards to black men. The hoodie, hot colors, and dramatic lighting give a sense of terror and anger. He’s large, imposing, and seemingly indestructible, but his eyes are calm and nonthreatening.

Stay tuned for part 2, where Jermaine will offer his take on our favorite bald hero.

Author: Mike Tré

Mike is the co-creator of BLKBOARD who’s a creative professional and writer with an interest in Superheroes, literature, gaming, politics, food, and anything else he can think of at the given moment.