The Future of BLKBOARD

Many of you decided to join us on our journeys as black artists and nerds with the creation of this platform, and for that, we are extremely grateful. BLKBOARD was created when the two of us wanted to build something impactful; a unique platform for marginalized artists and nerds. It began as a simple podcast,… Read More The Future of BLKBOARD

Everyone Seems to Have a Podcast, and That’s Okay

Nowadays, it seems like you hear the words “check out my podcast!” at the same frequency we all heard “check out my mixtape” just a few years back. Podcasts have grown in popularity and it seems like everyone has them. And that’s perfectly fine.

My Time at the #JusticeForFlint Rally

The crisis terrorism Flint is currently facing hasn’t been much of a secret. Most of us with souls, especially us Michigan residents, have loudly called for the resign and arrest of our Governor Rick Snyder for poisoning the water supply of a majority black and poor community while simultaneously charging them some of the highest… Read More My Time at the #JusticeForFlint Rally