“Infection” Finally Comes to Halo 5!

As a part of their  “Ghosts of Meridian” livestream, 343 Industries has decided to give us sneak peak into the highly anticipated game mode, “Infection.”

Infection has been an extremely popular gametype in the Halo franchise since it was created by fans back in 2004 with Halo 2. As a gametype, it brought a new layer of fun to the franchise, especially for people looking for a more casual experience. Now with Halo 5‘s impressive forge mode, fans will be able to create incredible experiences for the community to play. I’m incredibly excited for this.

Now just give us a race mode, 343.

Author: Mike Tré

Mike is the co-creator of BLKBOARD who’s a creative professional and writer with an interest in Superheroes, literature, gaming, politics, food, and anything else he can think of at the given moment.