Review: Santa Clarita Diet is a Delightfully Gory Adult Sitcom

Santa Clarita Diet is a multi-faceted show that should satisfy your hunger for a modern, dry-humored, zombie, adult sitcom. From a budding teenage love affair to pesky neighbors and even navigating the ups and downs of a marriage, this show has it all. I initially watched this show on a dare to myself. If I could make it through the pilot, I’d continue through the entire 10 episodes. Four days and 10 episodes later, I’ve finished the show and I’m excited for its future.

Drew Barrymore (Sheila) is a gory delight and her role could not be any more of a perfect fit. Barrymore aided in turning a suburban uptight housewife into a wonderfully stylish zombie-mom whose primary objective is still raising her daughter and ensuring her household runs smoothly, no matter her ravenous nature or the looming threat of becoming a “feral zombie,” Abby – her daughter – was always her top priority.

Timothy Olyphant (Joel) deserves just as much credit. Arguably navigating through a mid-life crises, he is now faced with being the support system of his now always famished wife and his rebellious teenaged daughter. Through it all he has been quite impressive in trying to hold it all together and be a strong constant for the both of them. His drive to ensure his family “got back to normal” was admirable and his will to anything to keep them together was endearing. The evolution of his character in only 10 episodes was inspiring. His evolution from a “pussy” to a “badass” came overnight.

Speaking of badasses, Liv Hewson (Abby) gave the most impressive performance as a newly rebellious high schooler with a zombie for a mom. Given that there is no precursor as to how one would act in this particular situation, I was deeply impressed. Even in my mid-twenties, realistic and well-executed teenage relationships shown on the big and small screens excite me. Abby’s relationship with Eric (Skyler Gisondo) is a positive one. Some may say it’s a case of the “friendzone” but in reality, it isn’t. She never leads Eric on or gives him any inclination that she desires anything more than a friendship. At times their interactions feel painfully awkward but it’s in those scenes I find the most sincerity and some of the best acting.

There are countless supporting actors in this show and they all did outstanding jobs. Unlike one of Netflix’s other shows *cough* UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, the supportive characters in Santa Clarita Diet did not outshine the main characters. If anything they did exactly what they were supposed to do, which was enhance and support the other characters.

I honestly can’t wait for a Season 2.

My Rating: 4 / 5

Netflix Rating: 4.5 / 5

Author: Alexandria Brown

Alexandria Brown is a film aficionado with a love for all things pop culture. Favorite genres include Sci-Fi, Rom Com’s & Classic Comedies. Alexandria obtained her BA in Sociology and is currently continuing her education in Educational Administration while residing in Chicago, Illinois.