Review: The Rezort; Come Relax in the Pool, Gaze at the Horizon & Kill Zombies (Minor Spoilers).

Looking for an interesting new take on the zombie survivalist genre? The Rezort may be what you’re looking for. Post-zombie outbreak, society has continued forward and managed to create a lush resort in which the living hunt the undead for sport. Of course, things don’t go according to plan and tourists are left fighting for their lives.


This story explored various narratives including the value of life and how much a capitalist society will work to preserve itself (through monetization and the mistreatment of the poor). What initially drew me to this film was not only the new take on the Zombie survivalist story, but also the complexity of the main character – Melanie (Jessica De Gouw). She voluntarily pays to go to the rezort to get over her trauma that was originally caused by the initial outbreak. Instead of killing her fears, it seems as if she legitimized them even more.

Unfortunately I wasn’t sold on the romantic story between Melanie & Lewis (Martin McCann). There just wasn’t much chemistry between the two. This could be a result of neck turning events in the plot later on or just their inability to really sell the audience on the relationship. What was even more disappointing in this film was the character development as a whole. Looking back on Jessica De Gouw and her performances in Arrow and Dracula, she just didn’t seem invested in this particular role. The same can be said about her co-stars, Dougray Scott & Martin McCann, whose performances were equally uninspiring.

Watching the film, I never developed a connection with any of the characters. I didn’t care one way or the other whether or not they would all end up being zombie dinner. Furthermore, the plot devices in this film are simply unexciting. The hints of corruption and anarchy are teased for a possible sequel, but I can’t see myself spending any more time with this potential “franchise.”

Several people who have recommended/reviewed this film insisted on comparing it to Jurassic Park. In my not-so-humble opinion, it’s a disservice to that particular franchise. Yes, the premise is similar, but the execution is incomparable. If you want to watch this movie, make sure you give yourself something else to do in the process, or just skip it altogether.

My Rating: 1 / 5

Netflix Rating: 2 / 5


Author: Alexandria Brown

Alexandria Brown is a film aficionado with a love for all things pop culture. Favorite genres include Sci-Fi, Rom Com’s & Classic Comedies. Alexandria obtained her BA in Sociology and is currently continuing her education in Educational Administration while residing in Chicago, Illinois.