The Future of BLKBOARD

Many of you decided to join us on our journeys as black artists and nerds with the creation of this platform, and for that, we are extremely grateful.
BLKBOARD was created when the two of us wanted to build something impactful; a unique platform for marginalized artists and nerds. It began as a simple podcast, the two of us in a room, enjoying ourselves and speaking about the things that made us passionate. It would eventually grow into a website where we and a couple of additional voices spoke about a myriad of things. The plan was to maintain a steady stream of content and eventually expand ourselves even further.
But we were young. And while we wanted to do something great for the people around us, we still didn’t have enough for ourselves to make the sacrifices necessary for it to happen. We needed to establish ourselves as Mike Tré and Jermaine before we would be in a position to run a platform and allow it to grow. With the launch of our individual brands and Hero Nation, writing and editing for BLKBOARD became impossible, and the site itself became neglected.
And so, ultimately, we have decided to bring it to an end for now. We are immensely proud of the work we’ve done so far and we are glad so many of you have enjoyed our content. But we want to build ourselves up stronger in the hopes that we can revisit this project or even create something new that’s better than ever.
The website will remain up for a little while, as will our twitter page.
Thank you again for your patience and support.
-Jermaine and Mike Tré


Born in the era of Gameboys & Bruce Timm cartoons, BLKBOARD is a safe space for creatives and nerds of all backgrounds.

Founded by Jermaine Dickerson and Michael Tré Randall.