The Spider-Man: Homcoming Trailer is FINALLY HERE!

I’m excited for this, I don’t care.

First thing to note: the costume doesn’t look CG! As much as I enjoyed the design in Civil War, it still felt a little too cartoony compared to the more practical costumes and effects of the other heroes.

I’m enjoying how colorful the cast is. I have to point out Jacob Batalon as Not Ganke aka Ned Leeds. I know some folks feel iffy about the MCU jacking Miles Morales’ best friend and giving him to Peter but eh… I’m glad to see him in this movie.

Also glad to see Tony Stark playing a more prominent role in this. Granted, he’s in everything, but it wouldn’t make thematic sense to have Tony be the conduit to introduce Peter in the MCU only to be reduced to maybe a cameo.

Michael Keaton’s Vulture looks REALLY good. Intimidating, charismatic, cool design. I’m in.

There also seems to be quite a few callbacks to the Sam Raimi Spider-Man flicks, which I appreciate. The first two Spider-Man movies are certified classics and belong on the same shelf as the original Richard Donner Superman flicks, so it’s cool to see this reboot pay its respects instead of outright ignoring the original.

And as far as I’m concerned? The Marc Webb Spider-Man movies don’t exist. Mass hallucination. The last Spider-Man movie we got was Spider-Man 3. My word on this is final.

But on the other hand, the trailer was tonally all over the place, so I’m not quite as hyped as I hoped. But I still have faith that a second trailer will completely do the trick down the road.

You excited for this?

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released in theaters July 7th, 2017.

Author: Mike Tré

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