This $99 Device Can Turn Your Phone Into a 3D Printer!

*Throws money at screen*

For those interested in 3D design, this one’s for you. OLO is a device that allows you to turn your smartphone of any size (IOS, Android, Windows) into a fully functioning 3D printer for only $99. Obviously this device probably won’t be able to hold a candle to more serious 3D printers like the MakerBot (something I’ve used), but this is a big step forward for making 3D printing a part of the typical household experience while also providing easily accessible tools for 3D artists to do their work.

You can learn more over at their kickstarter.

Author: Mike Tré

Mike is the co-creator of BLKBOARD who’s a creative professional and writer with an interest in Superheroes, literature, gaming, politics, food, and anything else he can think of at the given moment.