Thor: Ragnarok Welcomes Tessa Thompson To the MCU

Thor just got a little more interesting.

Creed star Tessa Thompson will be joining Thor: Ragnarok. According to The Wrap, Thompson has signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel.

Reports also say that Natalie Portman won’t be returning to Thor. Specifics on Thompson’s role are scarce, with the exception that she’ll be playing Thor’s new love interest.  This has inspired speculation that Thompson could helm the role of the powerful sorceress, Enchantress.

Either way, this is exciting news. With Zendaya previously being announced to play a lead role in the new Spider-Man movie, it looks like Marvel is finally giving women of color a voice in their mega-universe.

Thor: Ragnarok is directed by Taika Waititi and opens November 3, 2017 



Author: Jermaine Dickerson

Jermaine is the co-creator of BLKBOARD, an entrepreneur and a superhero enthusiast with a passion for art, design and social activism. He hopes to change the world with the power of superheroics.